‎     Hello, my name is John H. Baens. I started collecting Blythe in 2010 and released my brand in 2012 under my internet handle Maudib05. But the name wasn’t really sticking for a clothing label. One evening, I was sitting around with friends telling them about my clothing, a mix of hand sewing and machine work. An eye for unusual color combinations with a quilters aesthetic. My mission is to bring a little bit of street to the doll.  I also shared stories with them about the six or so conventions, I’ve attended, both domestic and international. They then asked, “After all these years, what motivates you to do so much for a doll?” My only answer, ” Even when life turns to shit, Blythe is like Home. It’s that warm place of Hopes, Dreams, and Good Intentions.” On that night SnuggleFarts was born.

If you’re curious and want to read more about me and my work. Please check out the Blog Post